Maracuja and coconut water Smoothie

Maracuja and coconut water Smoothie


maracuja fruitsPhoto by Marcello Aquino on Unsplash

This amazing tropical breakfast smoothie will make you feel at the beach - even if you are in Mitte.

Blend together your Tropix pulps with Coconut water for an extra refreshing drink. And here's a Pro-tip - you can freeze the coconut water in cubes and add those at the end unblended to make ahead before a trip to the lake or to take it to a park.


For 1x 400ml smoothie:

  • 1x Tropix Maracuja
  • 1x Tropix Coconut
  • 200ml Coconut water - in cubes if you want to make ahead


Run the pulp packs under warm water for a few seconds. This helps soften the pulp just enough so that it’s a little easier to slip out of its packaging. Combine all ingredients and blend until creamy. Add coconut water a bit at a time until you reach the desired consistency (or, if making ahead, add the coconut water cubes to the finished smoothie). Enjoy it cold in a hot day!


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