Maracutaia - Guava, Passion Fruit and Banana Smoothie

Maracutaia - Guava, Passion Fruit and Banana Smoothie

Guava Smoothie

A kids favorite

We created Maracutaia thinking about making a low-calorie smoothie. Guava is low in carbohydrates and naturally sweet, and passion fruit is very low in sugar. We added banana to get a creamy texture, and thought "wow, everyone will love this smoothie!" But we never imagined that we would especially appeal to children.

Guava is a source of vitamin C and antioxidants, and in Brazil is commonly used in sweets. Maracuja is known in Brazil for its soothing effects, and for generations has been considered a natural way to calm the most energetic children.

The combination of the guava and passion fruit with banana has proven irresistible not only among smoothie lovers but specially with children – naturally picky and not inclined to consume foods based solely on their health benefits. As father to young daughter, I am happy to see she and her friends exploring new tastes and enjoying Maracutaia instead soft drinks.


For 1x 400ml smoothie:


Run the pulp packs under warm water for a few seconds. This helps soften the pulp just enough so that it’s a little easier to slip out of its packaging. Put the fruit pulps and the banana in the blender at mid speed, adding water a bit at a time until you reach a uniform texture.

Have a sip and share it with your little ones!