Malandra Oak + Tropix Cocktails

Malandra Oak + Tropix Cocktails

Refined drinks with exotic touch

To celebrate our partnership with Cachaça Malandra, we created versions of famous drinks mixing Malandra with Tropix fruits.

Malandra is a sustainable, artisanal and authentic Brazilian Cachaça. Produced in the state of Minas Gerais and brought with love to Berlin by Brazilians.

Malandra is fresh, sassy and full of surprises, and will bring you to the sunny side of life. 

What is cachaça?

Cachaça, also know as pinga, aguardente or caninha, is the authentic Brazilian spirit. Made by distilling fermented sugar cane juice into liquor, cachaça can be divided in two varieties: branca/prata (unaged) or amarela/ouro (aged).

Malandra Oak is a cachaça ouro (golden cachaça), and as its name says, it has a golden color and characteristic wooden smell. The fresh taste of sugarcane blends with cherry and vanilla notes to create a unique combination

Which drinks can be made with cachaça ouro?

Cachaça ouro is usually tasted on shot, served either cold or at room temperature. But that does not mean it is not suitable for drinks. Quite the opposite: with its oak wood aroma, cachaça give special touch to exquisite, decadent drinks. Try it with the Brazilian  classic Batidas or Caipirinhas, or be give Mojitos, Piña Colada or Daiquiris a new twist.


Batidas are the typical aperitif drink in Brazil. They can be consumed before meals, even at parties, served with plenty of ice.

World famous, caipirinha is the most classic cachaça-based drink. Just mix cachaça, fruit, ice, and sugar, and voila: simple and irresistible.

Batida de Guava

100ml cachaça branca (Crystal)
1x tropix Guava
40ml Condensed Milk
1 Payenne Pepper

How to make Batida Guava

Put all the ingredients in a mixer at medium speed until they reach a uniform consistency. Your Batida de Guava can be kept in a bottle and consumed within a week. Store in the refrigerator.


Cachaça, one lime, a spoonful of sugar and lots of ice. That all it takes to make a caipirinha, Brazil's beloved drink. But there is much more to Caipirinha than just  that. Sour fruits like Cashew fruit, Maracujá and Strawberries are also very popular all over Brazil. That is why we chose this popular drink and brought a level higher: Cashew fruit e Ginger caipirinha with Aged Cachaça.

Cashew & Ginger Caipirinha Ingredients (1 serving)

  • 50ml cachaça branca (Malandra Crystal)
  • 1/2 x tropix Cashew
  • 1 piece of Ginger
  • 2 two tablespoons of sugar
  • Ice cubes 

How to make Cashew & Ginger Caipirinha

With a pestle, coarsely grind the cashew pulp and the ginger together with the sugar. Fill the glass with ice. Pour the cachaça over the ice, so that all the ice is wet with the cachaça. Stir lightly with a drinking spoon.

Expert tip to make a perfect caipirinha

Use ice cubes, never crushed ice. This way you don't risk having a watery caipirinha.

Piña Colada

Let's be honest: this drink was never sophisticated. There is even a corny song from the 80s about it. We took this classic holiday drink and made a version with an absolutely Brazilian flavor.

Brazilian Piña Colada Ingredients (2 servings)

30ml of cachaça gold
1x Tropix Pineapple
1x Tropix Coconut
1 teaspoon of sugar
100ml sparkling water
3 or 4 ice cubes

How to make Brazilian Piña Colada

In a mixer, blend the defrosted Pineapple and Coconut pulps, the sugar, the cachaça and the ice cubes. Serve on a glass at top over with Sparkling water.