Sexy Yemanjá - Caja and Mango Lassi

Sexy Yemanjá - Caja and Mango Lassi

Cajá and Mango Lassi Smoothie

Our tribute to the Brazilian culture and its creativity as a smoothie

We work only with fruits produced in Brazil, but we are great enthusiasts of the cuisine from all over the world. That is why we created Sexy Yemanjá, our vegan lassi with a cajá and mango base - a fruit considered an aphrodisiac in India. A nutritious and healthy mixture that can be eaten for breakfast, or with spicy meals, or after sports.

Lassi is an Indian yogurt-based drink, the best known variant of which is mango lassi. Cajá is popularly called cajá-manga in Brazil, because of its similarity to the popular tropical fruit.

To add even more fragrant sweet-sour flavor to our smoothie, we suggest serving it with pink pepper (optional).


for a 400ml smoothie

1x Tropix Caja
1x Tropix Mango
100ml vegan yogurt
100ml oat milk (or other vegetal milk)
Rosa peppercorns (optional)


Place the frozen fruit pulp under hot water for a few seconds. This makes it easier to remove the pulp. Mix the ingredients and blend in a blender at medium speed for one minute until it reaches a uniform consistency. When serving, add the pink pepper.

To be served to the sound of Sexy Yemanjá, by Pepeu Gomes.