pina colada smoothie

The Piña Colada smoothie

piña colada smoothie

Very few things taste like summer or a day at the beach like a piña colada. The iconic drink has inspired at least one infectious song and has been a staple on beach bars everywhere in the world. This is our icy, creamy, coconut-y, sweet cool mocktail version of it. Wait. What is a mocktail, you ask? A mocktail is what we call when a drink which normally calls for alcohol has none. This means this recipe is perfect to share with kids, families and women who are expecting.

The addition of a little coconut cream - easily available from the asian ingredients shelf on any good supermarket - makes the drink creamier without making it heavy. To double down on the beach party vibe you can serve it with pineapple slices, cherries (jarred or fresh) and your favorite straws, maybe even a little umbrella ;)

And, if you do want to add rum nobody will judge you. You do you. Enjoy!


For a 500ml smoothie:

  • 2 (200ml) packs Tropix Pineapple
  • 1 (100ml) pack Tropix Coconut
  • 50ml Coconut cream
  • 100ml water
  • Ice cubes


Combine pulps and coconut cream in a blender. Add ice cubes slowly and blend until you reach the consistency you want. Serve immediately with more ice cubes and any other garnishes you fancy.

Photo by YesMore Content on Unsplash