Shipping and delivering

Starting January 2022, we now ship to all of Germany. 

Express Shipping

To all of Germany

We ship using DPD Express Shipping, to guarantee that deliveries are made within 48 hours of shipping. This is necessary to ensure that our products reach you still frozen.

Environmental Impact

To minimize the environmental impact of deliveries, we ship them using DPD's Carbon Neutral delivery and we use boxes and insulation from Woolcool. Their insulation is made from 100% sheep’s wool that is washed in a natural process and then sealed within recyclable industry grade micro-perforated polyethylene wrap. Our whole outer packaging is carbon neutral.

Warning: packaging may contain dry ice

To ensure the temperatures are kept below 0ºC until the package arrives to you, we include dry ice in the outer boxes. If there is still dry ice when it arrives, you can dispose them by leaving it outside or in a room with windows opened - it will evaporate in a few hours.

Do not touch dry ice with your bare hands and leave it out of reach of children and pets

Minimum order value

We ship orders starting from € 40.


Express Shipping costs depend on the order value. See the table below for reference:

Order value:

 € 40 to 59.99

€ 60 to 99.99

€ 100 and up

Delivery cost

€ 15

€ 10



Recycling the boxes

We would be glad to recycle our boxes with your help!

Send your packaging back to us and we will give you € 8 for your next purchase.

Local Delivery

To most of Berlin (see PLZ list below). 

Local delivery is made by bike couriers. When you choose this option, you will get a link to schedule a delivery window. We do our best to arrive within those 30 minutes, and will get in touch in case we cannot do it. 

Local delivery is available to the following PLZs in Berlin

101*, 102*, 10365, 13355, 13353, 13189, 13187, 13357, 104*, 105*, 106*, 107*, 108*, 109*, 120*

*means we deliver to all PLZs starting with those numbers.


All orders can also be picked up at our store from Tuesday to Friday between 11h and 15h:

Prenzlauer Allee 222
See on Google Maps

Shipping Policy

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Return Policy

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