tropix + malandra

We have partnered with Malandra to create special edition kits with recipes that combine the tropical flavors of tropix with their sustainable, artisanal and authentic Brazilian Cachaças. Saúde!

  • with Malandra Crystal

    Crystal's subtle flavor and fruity notes make it the perfect match for cocktails such as the Brazilian classic caipirinhas, as well as the traditional batidas.

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  • With Malandra Oak

    Oak's stronger profile, cherry and vanilla notes beg for some bold flavors. Learn how to pair it with fruits such as Cashew, Maracuja and more.

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About Malandra

Malandra is a sustainable, artisanal and authentic Brazilian Cachaça. Produced in the state of Minas Gerais and brought with love to Berlin by Brazilians. Malandra is fresh, sassy and full of surprises, and will bring you to the sunny side of life. Experience the unique taste of cachaça aged in Brazilian native tree barrels and get surprised by Malandra flavours.

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