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Amazon Superfruits

These Rainforest treats have a high concentration of vitamins and antioxidants, ideal for a healthy lifestyle.

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The Amazon has always been the source of fruits rich in vitamins and energy such as Açaí, Cupuaçu, Cajá, and Acerola. Now, they are taking over the whole world. This box is ideal for those not yet familiar with two or more of these fruits, giving you a taste of the Rainforest in Berlin.

Rich in antioxidants and low in carbs, Açaí can be called the original Superfruit. A staple in bowls and smoothies from Manaus to Moscow, its rich flavor makes it a key ingredient for combinations with other berries and sweeter fruits. If you are not yet an Açaí-convert like us, it's time to give it a try.

A relative of Cocoa, Cupuaçu has a slightly chocolatey taste. It is a source of iron, phosphorus, and proteins. You can try it in bowls, smoothies, or add it to desserts.

Cajá can be described as a rising Superfruit, appearing more and more in European and North-American health foods. Cajá is super refreshing and a source of vitamins B and C and beta-cryptoxanthin.

Acerola has one of the highest Vitamin C concentrations in nature. Acerola cherries are delicious, with a sweet-sour flavor that makes it an ideal pair for sweeter fruits - or you can use it to give old plain orange juice a kick - a common combination in the juice parlors of Rio de Janeiro.

Health benefits

Package contents

12x frozen 100% pure fruit puree in 100g packages: 3x Organic Açaí, 3x Cajá, 3x Cupuaçu, 3x Organic Acerola

  • 100% FRUIT

    100% VEGAN