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A Superfruit that boosts your immune system and delivers sweet-and-sour goodness with zero cholesterol and almost no fat.

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The cajá, also known as Taperebá in other regions of Latin America and Hog Plum in English speaking parts of the Caribbean and North America, is particularly common in northeastern Brazil. It has a wonderful, sophisticated sweet-sour flavor that makes cajá pulp a popular ingredient for fresh juices and cocktails. It can be combined with sweeter fruits such as Mango and sourer ones like Maracujá and fresh herbs such as mint for incredibly refreshing smoothies.

Health benefits

Cajá is rich in fibers that regulate the intestinal tract and vitamins. Exceptionally high are its vitamin A contents, which are beneficial for skin, cicatrization, and the reproductive system's proper operation. It is also a good source of Vitamins B and C - which benefit the immune system and fight the dreaded free radicals and iron, Calcium, and Phosphorus. Its combination of vitamin C and iron is notable because these two are dependent on one another. Vitamin C is responsible for absorbing iron efficiently into the cell to ensure that the body efficiently uses oxygen and that individual cells receive enough oxygen to function correctly. Cajá also has beta-cryptoxanthin, which increases the body's production of vitamin A. This vitamin supports bone growth, vision, and the development of white blood cells while being low in fat and cholesterol-free.

Package contents

10x frozen 100% pure sun-ripened Cajá (Hog Plum) fruit puree in 100g packages

  • 100% FRUIT

    100% VEGAN