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12x frozen 100% fruit puree in 100g packages: 6x Organic Açaí with Guaraná, 6x Organic Açaí

The Açaí Combo

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The original Amazon Superfood: pure and with guaraná. Boost energy levels, ward off fatigue and burn more fat while keeping your heart healthy.

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Açaí berries grow high in the palm-like Açaí trees and have been used by the indigenous tribes of the Amazon for thousands of years as a source of nourishment. The berry is known for its energy boost, detoxing the body, and helping with weight loss. Guaraná is also a berry and is probably the first energy drink ever - the plant is named for the Guarani tribe in the Amazon, who used the seeds to brew a drink long before the colonization of Brazil. Guaraná is commonly used in combination with Açaí as both fruits benefit weight loss and enhance athletic performance.

Our 100% bio Açaí with Guaraná can be made into delicious smoothies or into a glorious superfood bowl. For a delightful smoothie, just add 50ml of liquid for every 100g of pulp. And for a healthy bowl, we suggest adding one banana and a sip of apple juice to 200g of frozen açaí com guaraná pulp. 

Health benefits

The açaí berry pulp contains most of its nutrients, such as vitamins, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids. Açaí reduces the damaging action of free radicals that accelerate cellular wear and tear throughout the body. This is due to its high concentration of antioxidants – especially anthocyanin, responsible for its purple color. Anthocyanin also fights the oxidation of LDL, the bad cholesterol, preventing the obstruction of blood vessels. Açaí is also rich in phytosterols that compete with cholesterol at the time of digestion, decreasing the absorption of harmful molecules. Not only does Açaí fight bad cholesterol, but it has substances that help to ward off atherosclerosis – the hardening of vessels – controlling high blood pressure and improving blood circulation. Other health benefits associated with Açaí include boosting the immune system, preventing degenerative diseases, and warding off some kinds of cancer.

Finally, açaí provides plenty of energy in the form of rich carbohydrates and other nutrients. Açaí is especially suited to be consumed before working out – it is easily digested and guarantees more energy quickly, without leaving you with a heavy stomach.

Guaraná increases your stamina and sharpness, which gives you more motivation to train. It delays the feeling of fatigue, making it easier to go through lengthy training sessions. Guaraná is rich in caffeine and antioxidants that accelerate the metabolism and favor the use of fat as fuel for the body. Besides, it has a hunger-reducing effect, removing the urge to eat between meals. Guaraná also stimulates the production of the hormones dopamine and serotonin, which are linked to an increased feeling of well-being, improving your mood. Studies also link Guaraná to the reduction of bad cholesterol and increase of good cholesterol, with some studies showing its benefit also in controlling triglycerides. Its seeds have a large amount of tannins and methylxanthines – especially caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline. As well as several bioactive compounds, such as flavonoids. It contains essential minerals and vitamins such as phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, vitamin A (important for eye health), and vitamin B1 (a nutrient involved in energy metabolism). To cap it all off, Guaraná is widely regarded as an aphrodisiac – it boosts libido and helps with blood circulation.

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12x frozen 100% fruit puree in 100g packages: 6x Organic Açaí with Guaraná, 6x Organic Açaí

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Pedro S.

Excellent products and reliable delivery!

Excellent products and reliable delivery

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Certified organic

Our The Açaí Combo comes from controlled organic farming in Brazil. Our suppliers are committed to protecting the rainforest and work with the local communities to do so.

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